We Need Your Feedback- Tell Us About Bicycling in the Lake Chelan Valley!

Please review and comment on the following information. The following posters and handouts were shared at the April and May Lake Chelan Valley Bike Plan Meetings. Anything else we should know? Send us an email at nicole@chelan-douglas.org with questions or comments.

Read through the slides and provide your comments below:

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Have we missed anything? Please add any additional ideas or comments:
Share your ideas, edits, comments to help develop the plan's vision statement.
Programs to Support Bicycling
What programs to support bicycling would you be interested in learning more about the for the Lake Chelan area? Please select your TOP 3:
What Makes Bicycling Difficult for you in the Lake Chelan Valley?
Please select all that apply:
Strong and Fearless: I feel comfortable bicycling anywhere, anytime Enthusiastic & Confident: I am a confident bicyclist who might bike on any road type, but prefers bike lanes and quiet streets Interested but Concerned: I prefer to ride trails and quiet streets only, biking on roads makes me nervous. I might bike if I felt safer. No Way, No How!: I do not ride a bike and have no plans to in the future
Please select all the destinations that you currently bike to, or would like to bike to:
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Where do you live and work?
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